The Elemental Fountain

The Stand-Alone Feature fountain showcases our innovative technology on a grand physical scale — through a balance of movement, texture, warmth, and light. This outdoor water feature creates a spectacular gathering place where you and your guests will be mesmerized by the blending of serenity and vitality as water gently cascades and encapsulates a dancing flame creating a one of a kind oasis, adding function, interest, and enjoyment to your outdoor space in Phoenix.

Our Outdoor Water Features —Where Beauty & Technology Collide

The fountain’s natural balance between water and gravity, and a marriage of two opposing forces — fire and water — creates a breathtaking spectacle. The massive water flow of 10,000 gallons per hour cascades in a laminar fashion and encompasses the flame. It engages the senses, leaving anyone feeling simultaneously revitalized and relaxed. Beyond its fascinating aesthetic, The Elemental Fountain offers a dramatic anchor that creates and defines a space, providing movement, warmth, light, stirring curiosity, and leaving a lasting impression.

Elemental Pool Fountain

The Elemental Pool Fountain brings your Phoenix backyard to life by adding a unique element that will engage your senses with texture, sound, and light.

Programmable LED Lights Enhance the Mood

Use the LED programmable lights to set the ambiance of your choice – from calm and relaxing to vibrant high energy.
Take a dip in the pool and let the cascading water wash away your stress and reinvigorate you at the same time. Standing in the middle of the fountain sends water cascading down your shoulders, leaving your head haloed in a ring of rushing water. Take a deep breath, and take in the negative ions admitted into the air from the rushing waters — enjoy the relaxing massage that will leave you feeling centered and invigorated.