Custom Designed Large-Scale Fire & Water Installations

Elemental Fountains in Phoenix designs and manufactures fire and water features that reflect our passion for incorporating nature with technology.

We create awe-inspiring fountains for discerning customers that are looking for the latest in design and technology.  Our fountains are innovative, artistic, functional, and energize both the environment and the people enjoying it.

Striking Features Utilizing Our Newly Patented Technology

Our spectacular new technology is scalable from small table fountains to fire fountains, to large-scale art installations. At any size and at any location, our water features are sure to create beauty, interest, and leave a lasting impression. Whether you install an Elemental Fountain as an outdoor water feature for your business, or as a focal point for the lobby, your visitors will be captivated by this unique design.

Call us for a custom design and estimate.

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