The Elemental Fountain’s patented design cleverly blends the ancient elements of fire and water with high-end, modern design principles and cutting-edge technologies. The result is an outdoor water feature that truly has to be seen to be believed. Below is a gallery of image and photos that we feel does this spectacular fountain justice.

The Elemental Fountain

The addition of our patented outdoor water feature, the Elemental Fountain, transformed this simple home into a show stopper. People cannot help but stop and stare at this gorgeous fountain. Traffic actually slows to a stop, as passersby marvel at this ingenious addition to this home in Phoenix. Any home or business can become a conversation piece with the addition of an Elemental fountain.

The Elemental Pool Fountain

The Elemental Pool Fountain utilizes our patented technology to create an outdoor water feature that livens up any pool. Embedded LEDs add a subtle nuance to your backyard living space, and can programmed to match the mood of your evening event or get together. The tunnel of water sends water rushing over your shoulders while your head sits soundly in a beautiful ring of water. Breath deep and enjoy this amazing water feature and it’s massage-like features.