An Incomparable Design Thanks To A Newly Patented Technology

The Elemental Fire/Water fountain showcases our patented technology on a grand physical scale. A delicate balance of movement, texture, warmth, and light and leaves a lasting impression on anyone who witnesses this unique outdoor water feature.

Dress Up Your Landscaping with a Dramatic Focal Point

By adding an Elemental Fountain to your landscaping, you’ll create a spectacular gathering place where you and your guests will be mesmerized by the blending of serenity and vitality as water gently cascades and encapsulates a dancing flame. This outdoor water feature creates a one of a kind oasis, adding function, interest, and enjoyment to your outdoor space.

Create a Sense of Wonder – It’s Magic – The Patented Technology

The design configuration of the Elemental Fountain creates a natural balance between gravity and water. As the waterfalls, it maintains its sheet thickness so that it looks like a solid current of water that cascades and encapsulates the flame, yet never touches it, and never goes turbulent.

Relax and Reenergize

Immersing oneself in the effortless beauty of water has a therapeutic effect on everyone. The harmonious balance between water and gravity and the marriage or two opposing forces – fire and water – engages all the senses and will leave you feeling simultaneously relaxed and revitalized.

Personalize Your Ambiance

The programmable LED lighting provides the opportunity to personalize the ambiance with a range of possibilities from calm and relaxing to vibrant and high energy. The LED lighting enhances the beauty of our outdoor water feature, as the color of the light shines from within the water causing it to glow, as opposed to shining a light on the water in the manner of traditional fountains.

 Easy Care

  • Splashless design
  • Made from durable materials like non-corrosive stainless steel
  • Low maintenance


  • Dimensions: Scalable – 48” Diameter x 42” tall or 67” tall
  • Weighs 180 lbs.,
  • Circulates 10,000 gallons per hour
  • Utilizes propane or natural gas
  • Electrical Power: 120 VAC; control the unit via switches on the unit itself or optional external remote-control switches for water and lighting
  • Programmable LED lighting
  • Optional anemometer to shut off fuel supply during wind