Few things are more captivating than an open flame. Since the dawn of humankind, we have been instinctively drawn to the dancing, licking tongues of fire and the warmth it provides us. Similarly, the gentle rolling and tumbling of moving water immediately grabs our attention with its gentle movements and cooling touch. Indeed, it can be hard to look away from these natural spectacles.

Elemental Fountains has struck a graceful balance between these two equally captivating natural phenomena to create our beautiful Fire Fountains. The result is an awe-inspiring fountain that will draw anyone who sees it close.

To create this breathtaking modern art piece, we took our patented fountain technology and paired it with a specialized design natural gas, or propane burning torch. Our fountains utilize an incredible two-tiered system. A 360-degree scupper on the upper tier effortlessly pours water down to the lower tier. The rate at which the waterfalls and the design of the scupper ensures that water takes on a laminar sheet effect as it pours from one tier to the next. It is within this unbroken current of water that we house our torch. There is no fear of the water ever putting the flame out, as fountain leaves nearly no trace of a splash as it pours from the upper tier into the lower basin. The torch and its bright flame are kept safely out of reach from the basin and burns freely in the center of the fountain.

The result is a passionately burning flame that is shielded by a beautiful, smooth and translucent halo of water. This design allows nature’s opposing forces of fire and water to exist in unison. The dancing flames play across the surface of the water to create spectacular displays and patterns of light, and cast impressive shadows as the flames’ light is refracted by the cascading water.

This exceptional outdoor water feature would make a dramatic addition to your home’s landscaping, your pool, or as a visually appealing accent piece to any business.