Artist and designer, Sean Andersen, wanted to find a new and fascinating way to blend the elements of water and fire together. To do so, this exciting new outdoor water feature technology required years of design work and research.

The result is the Elemental Fountain. A two-tiered accent piece that uses a 360-degree unrestricted border scupper in the upper basin that forms an inward rushing laminar sheet of water. By manipulating water and gravity in subtle and nuanced ways, this patented device allows the water to fall the greatest distances without breaking its smooth, and circular cascading sheet effect. The water falls gently into the lower basin, leaving on the faintest trace of a splash. This aspect makes the Elemental Fountain an ideal artistic piece for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The harmonious blend of fire and water was deliberately designed to engage anyone nearby, captivating them with this delicate display of carefully crafted choreography. The massive amount of water that circulates through each Elemental fountain creates a naturally soothing sound value, that leaves individuals near it feeling connected with their surroundings and with the fountain itself. The drama of water rushing through the fountain is heightened by tasteful lighting elements. LED lighting can be programmed to match the mood of an event, or evening. A natural flame can be added to the center of the fountain, showing a peaceful balance between the naturally opposing forces of fire and water.

For an installation that so delicately balances so many forces, the Elemental Fountain itself is surprisingly durable. Each fountain is constructed using stainless steel, in addition to other non-corrosive materials, all decorated in a variety of durable and lasting finishes. The result is an amazing water feature that can be scaled to fit your backyard, the lobby of your business, or the entrance of a theme park.