It’s that time of year when you see the extended members of your family. For some, this may be exciting and pleasant. For others, the thought of hosting the annual holiday get-together can be downright terrifying. We can’t help your great aunt finally like your spouse and we can’t help you get the turkey in the oven on time. However, we can give five ways that you can impress your family this holiday season.

5 Ways to Impress Your Family

There are a lot of ways to make an impression on other people. However, when it comes to family, here are five effective ways to make them think highly of your home and their time with you.

Clean, Organized Space

The easiest way and the first step to impressing your family is by cleaning and organizing your home. It is easy to want to shove the clutter that you don’t know what to do within the closet or under the bed. Instead, get rid of it! Dedicate time to deep clean and organize your home.

Good Food

Another way to impress your relatives and maybe even your mother-in-law is through good food. The holidays are essentially known for being the time of the year that we live to eat and drink those eats and treats that we don’t enjoy the rest of the year. If you’ve been waiting to spend a little extra time in the kitchen, now is the time. However, you don’t have to make everything; you can also showcase the best of the area, with food from your favorite Phoenix-area restaurants.

A Unique Experience

You can also provide your relatives with a unique experience. If they come into town early, pull out your entertaining skills, and show them all that Phoenix has to offer. Take them to a local art festival or the Scottsdale ArtWalk, give them an experience at the Astronomy Evenings, or pull some strings and get tickets for a major league game.



Updated Home

You could also update your home. Do you still have that stuffy old decor item from the 80s? It may be time to retire said item and update your style. Though you won’t be able to attempt a full remodel of your home now, you can update your home through even buying some new throw pillows for the couch, rearranging the furniture, or painting an accent wall.

Outdoor Water Feature

Installing an outdoor water feature can also be a great way to update your home and impress your family. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but the ambiance created can be relaxing — which is something we all crave during the holidays. Discover the possibilities for your pool and patio area with Elemental Fountain’s beautiful outdoor water features.

As we mentioned above, there are many ways in which we can’t help you impress your relatives. However, we can install a water feature that changes colors with bright LED lights or one that also includes fire. We would love to help you create a water feature that you will love for years to come. Visit our website!