Welcome back to the Elemental Fountain blog! Lately on our blog, we have been discussing a variety of topics. On our last couple of blog posts, we shared some ghost stories from some of the most haunted places in the Phoenix area. Just like how our outdoor water features can add character to your home so do ghosts! Today, however, we are switching gears and talking about the most famous fountain of all — the Fountain of Youth.

The Fountain of Youth & Our Quest to Live Forever

Since the beginning of time, people of many cultures have celebrated youthfulness as the ultimate state-of-being to retain. Face creams, Botox, exercise and even the quest for the Fountain of Youth have all been means that have been used by people of the past and present to stay young. Though most modern people have given over the idea of the Fountain of Youth to legend, it is a myth that has lived in the minds of many throughout the ages.

What is the Fountain of Youth?

The idea of the Fountain of Youth has been recorded as early as the 5th century by the writer Herodotus. This famous and highly sought after fountain is said to have healing powers to not only waylay aging, but to also reverse it. If a person were to bath or drink of it’s waters, they would never die or show the physical signs of aging. Versions of this legendary fountain has appeared throughout literature and history causing one to question where the idea first originated.

Alexander the Great & the “Water of Life”

The person of Alexander the Great is surrounded by myth and legend. One such mythical story is called “Water of Life.” In this story, Alexander and his servant crossed the Land of Darkness and found the Fountain of Youth. This story of Alexander the Great originated and was extremely popular in Spain at the time of the Moorish rule.


The Spanish also heard about a mythical fountain when they were exploring Cuba and Puerto Rico. According to the natives there existed a land filled with wealth and prosperity, and a fountain with healing powers. The Spanish went in search of this land. What they found was a pool near the shoreline of North Bimini, an island in the Caribbean: when the tide was going out, a small pool would form of mineral-rich water. Modern explorers have since found this pool to have high levels of magnesium and calcium; magnesium is extremely beneficial to the body promoting longer life and reproductive health.   

Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park

Juan Ponce de Leon was Spanish explorer that was charged with the exploration of areas of South America. Though he never mentioned the Fountain of Youth itself in his writings, his name was used to fabricate stories about the Fountain of Youth Archeological Park. Luella Day McConnell bought the land in 1904 and promoted it as the location of the Fountain of Youth. She created postcards and even bottled water from a well found on the property. Later, however, after McConnell’s death, the land was dedicated to exhibiting artifacts of the colonists and natives that lived on the land.

Elemental Fountain’s Outdoor Water Features

We hoped you enjoyed learning a little about the history of the Fountain of Youth. Though our fountains will not make you live forever, installing an outdoor water and fire feature can provide many health benefits. Learn more by reading our blog (_) and visit our website to learn more about our patented fountains.