Have you been considering installing an outdoor water feature in your Phoenix patio area or backyard or even an outdoor water and fire feature? Fountains can create an ambiance that can not only lower your stress levels, but also bring more nature to your own backyard. Also, outdoor water features come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types so you can trust that you will find one that you will love for years to come. Keep reading to learn more about the types of fountains available and be sure to check out the Elemental Fountain website to learn more about our outdoor water and fire features!

10 Outdoor Fountain Types

Spouted Outdoor Fountains

A spouted fountain can be a wonderful addition to a space with a rustic look as well as outdoor spaces already outfitted with a pond. If you are looking for a quieter water feature, a spout may be the perfect choice for you.

Wall Fountains

Wall fountains are very “in” and perfect for outdoor areas with limited space. Wall fountains are an understated option that can be the perfect backdrop for your fire pit table or outdoor sitting area.

Themed Fountains

If you have picked a theme for the rest of your backyard, consider reflecting the same style in the type of fountain that you choose. Choose a themed statue, a sculpture, or a rock formation as the centerpiece of your fountain.

Tiered Fountains

A tiered fountain can take many forms. However, these types of water features are primary a few elements such as pots or stones that create vertical tiers. If you choose this style of fountain, you have a multitude of options for creating the outdoor water feature that fits your patio aesthetic.  

Pondless Fountain

Many assume that you have to have a pond to have fountain, but as we’ve already indicated above, you don’t. A wall fountain is a great example of a pondless fountain. However, the options are endless. All you need is an underground reservoir that collects the water under your fountain.

Japanese Fountains

A Japanese water feature usually consists of a piece of bamboo and a bowl: water flows through the bamboo and pours into the bowl. If you are looking for a fountain that promotes ultimate tranquility, this may be the fountain for you!

Glass Fountains

Do you love the sleek look of glass? Incorporate glass into your water feature design! The straight lines and corners of glass fountains work best with ultra-modern aesthetics.

Rock Waterfall Fountains

Rock waterfall fountains are much like a tiered fountain. If you want a natural look, a rock waterfall fountain can be the perfect addition. When constructing this type of fountain, fake stone is usually used.

Bubbling Rock

A bubbling rock fountain can work well for any size of garden or patio area. However, if you are concerned with space, this type of water feature can be the perfect space-saving addition. A bubbling rock fountain is constructed from a rock with a pipe that has been installed within and an underground reservoir.

Elemental Fountains Outdoor Water Features

Lastly, we must mention our patented outdoor water feature design. Installed in both residential and commercial spaces, our fountains are conical shaped and can even include a fire element or LED lights. Install our fountains in your backyard or directly in your swimming pool! To learn more about installing an outdoor water feature, visit our website.