There are a lot of things that make your house feel like home. Those things that make your home unique are aspects such as your paint color choices, decorations, and furniture choices. Making your home uniquely yours is a must. One way to do that is through your landscaping elements. In Phoenix, we get to have a lot of options for personalizing our backyards. Another way you can do that is through the installation of an outdoor water and fire feature. Elemental fountain has created a unique fountain using patented technology that can be installed as a featured element in your backyard or in your pool. To learn more about the water feature options we provide and how we can make your home truly yours, visit our website!

Ready to Get Spooky?

Today, on the Elemental Fountain blog, we are going to have a little fun in luai of Halloween. As we discuss the uniqueness of your home, it is easy to start to think about those paranormal elements that can truly make your home unique. Today, on the Elemental Fountain blog, we are going to talk about some of the most haunted places around the Phoenix area.

113 N. Sixth Street

It’s not just this home-turned-museum’s beautiful, Gothic exterior that will leave an impression in your mind. Many volunteers and guests have left the premises with a feeling that there is more that lurks there than what meets the eye. It is rumored that the caretaker Michael Chow, who was shot and killed in the 1980’s, hasn’t quite left his post. There have been reports of footsteps and that feeling that there is evidence of the paranormal.  

Orpheum Theater

When you frequent the Orpheum Theater, you might get more than you paid for. Mattie is said to be the ghost that haunts the theater and can be seen during intermissions. Debe Branning the founder of MVD Ghostchasers confirms Mattie’s haunting. It has been reported that Mattie hasn’t just been seen by theater audience members, but also by those in the building across the theater.

San Carlos Hotel

If you are staying at the San Carlos Hotel, even if you have booked a room for one, you may end up having company. The old hotel is home to numerous ghosts and has caused the legend of the hotel to grow in the hearts and minds of lovers of the macabre. However, one of the most notable stories is about Leone Jensen. It is rumored that the woman jumped off the roof due to her tendencies to be a hopeless romantic or as a means to end her suffering from a long-term illness. Regardless of her purpose, Leone Jensen is never far from the hotel. If you stay at the hotel, maybe you will get the chance to ask her yourself.

5532 N. Palo Cristi Road

Alonzo “Lon” Megargee was the owner of this small local bar and may be still making his presence known among the living. Seen as an apparition wearing a cowboy outfit. Lon is credited with toilets flushing when there is no one there, and bottles and glasses falling off shelves and breaking; Lon may still be caring for his beloved bar.

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