Hello! Welcome back to the Elemental Foundation blog! In our last post, we talked about five ways to invest in your patio. There are so many ways to make your Phoenix patio the peaceful oasis or colorful party spot that you have always wanted. Through adding a fire pit table, changing up your patio furniture, installing pretty lights, and more, the ways of creating the perfect patio are endless.

Another way to upgrade your patio is through installing an outdoor water feature. An outdoor water feature is perfect for not only adding beauty and an interesting decoration to your outdoor space, but the sound of water can create a peaceful atmosphere that will surely soothe the body and the soul. If you choose to install an outdoor water feature in your yard, pool, or patio, you should know how to take care of it well. To find out the possibilities for your Phoenix home’s outdoor water feature, visit the Elemental Fountain website!

Simple Maintenance Tips for Your Outdoor Water Feature

Maintain the Proper Water Level

Keeping the proper water level for your feature is just as important as any other maintenance tip, because it keeps your feature’s pump wet. A dry pump is one that could become easily damaged and need replacing. You will have to add small amounts of fresh water periodically, as well as empty and refill it with fresh water. Keep in mind that you will have to refill your water feature more frequently during the driest and hottest months here in Phoenix. The proper water level will allow your fountain to function at it’s best and will permit you to fully enjoy your water feature — and if you have one, why not get the most out of it?

Wipe It Out Regularly

Wiping out your feature is important, because no matter the type of feature you have, dirt and debris can make their way into the bowl or other parts of your fountain and clog it or damage it.  Adding algae additives and filtered water to your feature can keep calcium, mold, and other critters from calling your water feature home.

Clean The Pump

As we mentioned above, it’s important to keep the pump wet while running to avoid damaging it. You should also stay up-to-date on cleaning it as well. The means of cleaning it and when to clean it will be dictated by the manufacturer’s guide and your contractor who installed your water feature. Cleaning your feature with a toothbrush and dish detergent every three months is suggested. Usually, cleaning your pump entails removing it and cleaning it with a vinegar solution. However, before you clean your particular water feature, it is best to consult your outdoor water feature expert at Elemental Fountain first.  



Prevent Algae

Algae can look pretty floating in the water or growing on nearby rocks, but its growth can be detrimental to your fountain. When you replace your water monthly, you should also use algae cleaner. This cleaner will get rid of the algae that is growing — or, at the very least, decrease it. Algae thrives in well-lit areas, so if you feel like you are constantly battling algae buildup, consider how you can eliminate the amount of sunlight that your feature receives.

Keeping your fountain in working order will allow you to get the most out of it and to enjoy the full aesthetic and health benefits of installing an outdoor water feature. For maintaining your specific water feature, be sure to consult the experts at Elemental Fountain if we installed your foundation or, if we did not, the manufacturer’s guide.

Want to Add an Outdoor Water Feature?

A water feature has so many benefits that it is no wonder that many of our Phoenix clients are installing them in their yards, pools, and patios. Elemental Fountain has been constructing and installing outdoor water features for residents and commercial clients in the Phoenix area for years, and we would love to give you an outdoor water feature that delights the eyes and ears. Visit the Elemental Fountain website to learn more about our fountains.