Hello and welcome back to the Elemental Fountain blog! Lately, we have been talking about the effects of water features on not only our mental health, but also our physical health. A water feature can lighten the spirit, refresh the mood, lower our blood pressure, and give us the sound therapy that we all need. To learn more about the health benefits of a water feature, catch up on our last blog post!

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Light Colors & Their Meanings

If you’ve been on our website, you will have seen that we offer pool fountains! Our pool fountains are beautiful and can give your outdoor water oasis and party spot an added element of fun that the whole family and your friends can enjoy. Our pool fountains also offer health benefits. You can stand in the middle of our circular fountain, letting the water hit your shoulders while you breathe in the negative ions emitted by the water. Each fountain can be programmed with LED lights of any color. With this in mind, we are going to talk about the effects of colored lights.

Red – Energy Booster

Red has always been known to stimulate more energy. It can increase the likelihood for negative energy, but it can also up our sense of passion and sexual desire.

Yellow – Bye, Depression

Yellow has always been the bringer of feelings of happiness and a depression killer. Just because it’s dark outside and you’re enjoying your fountain doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a little sunshine in your life.

Blue – Peace-Maker

If you’re feeling stressed and are dealing with its effects such as headaches, migraines, and muscle tension, it’s time to bask in blue. Struggle with high blood pressure? Take some time to enjoy some blue light and the peaceful sounds of a pool fountain.

Green – Emission of Strength

Green is also a color that evokes peace and reminds us of nature. It can also evoke a sense of strength. Green light therapy treatments stimulate the production of growth hormones and strengthens muscles — if you need some strength, enjoy your green LED fountain!

Purple – The Nightcap

If it’s time to start calling it a day and relaxing for bed, purple can be the best color to enjoy. Purple can help relieve mental stress and get your body ready to fall into a peaceful sleep.

Orange – Provider of Creativity

However, if you’re not ready to power down for the day, exposure to orange stimulates the mind — especially our capacity for creative thought. Enjoy a moment by the pool, bring your notebook, and get ready to explore some new ideas.

If you want to enjoy a pool fountain and outdoor water feature in your Phoenix area property, visit the Elemental Fountain website!