Having your own pool is a nearly unparalleled luxury. At any moment, you have the opportunity to step into your own aquatic retreat. You can find a sense of stillness that only the calm waters of a private pool can provide. Or, you can have the kind of summertime fun that a pool full of friends and families is known for. No matter how you use your pool, adding a new outdoor water feature to your pool is a wonderful new way to make your pool even more inviting than before. See why you should add a new feature to your pool with Elemental Fountains in Phoenix.


Your pool already adds a certain level of aesthetic value to your backyard or landscaping. A beautiful, clear blue pool is inviting, attractive, and draws people out into your yard. But a water feature can increase that aesthetic value and make your pool nearly irresistible. Our beautiful outdoor water features, like our Elemental Fountain, is a sure-fire way to keep people by your pool all day, and all year long! Its unique design fascinates everyone. Our fountains are available in a variety of finishes that are as beautiful as they are durable.


Adding an outdoor water feature like a waterfall, grotto or fountain is not only a way to add beauty and intrigue to your pool, but it also adds an element of excitement and fun! On its own, the water in your pool simply sits placidly unless you’re splashing about. But adding a feature that introduces a new dynamic element to your pool makes it engaging in brand new ways. Water features change the way water moves in your pool and keeps your visitors engaged. Our Elemental Fountain’s unique design creates a solid ring of water that pours effortlessly into your pool. You can duck under the cascading water, and let the laminar sheet of water massage your shoulders, while your head stays simply haloed in a ring of shimmering water.


Often, installing a new outdoor water feature onto your pool does more than just add a new visual flair to your pool. Many features come with options to add new lighting elements to your pool and landscaping. New LED bulbs and lighting elements can add a dramatic and enticing way to view your pool in the twilight and nighttime hours. Plus, a well-lit pool can be enjoyed for more hours of the day. The Elemental Fountain comes with a series of LEDs installed in the fountain already. These LEDs can be programmed so that they can help to set the tone of your evening enjoyment.


One of the most enjoyable sounds we hear in nature is the sound of moving water. Whether it’s the gentle trickle of a stream or the rush of a mighty river, everyone finds the sound of moving water to be soothing or fascinating. Some outdoor water features, by rapidly moving the water around them, can create this moving water sound. The Elemental Fountain moves nearly 10,000 gallons of water every hour. This incredible amount of water only makes a minor splash as it pours from the fountain’s unique ring design, and gently disturbs the water of your pool. It’s not unlike the babbling sounds of a nearby brook.

Elemental Fountains

By now, it should be obvious as to why you should add a water feature to your pool. It creates an atmosphere of frivolity, adds beauty to your landscaping, and helps you enjoy your pool in new ways. When you’re ready to add a new outdoor water feature to your pool, make sure to call the Top Rated Local® fountain company in Phoenix, Elemental Fountains.