Landscaping is a fabulous way to add beautiful new complexities to your home. Adding lush new vegetation, fascinating stones and rocks, and outdoor water features can draw you to your yard and serves as a wonderful place to host gatherings with friends and family. If you’re considering having your landscaping designed or redesigned, here are a few things Elemental Fountains in Phoenix thinks you should keep in mind.

Use Of Your Landscaping

Before you get too far into the design process, think about how you use your existing landscaping. If your backyard is mostly a place to relax and unwind, that will influence your decisions. Also, think about how you would like to use your new landscaped area. If you want your kids to have room to play, you might skip the zen sand garden, and prioritize the grassy spaces.

The Environment

Think about the environment your home and landscaping is in is a vital part of planning a landscape. While this is obvious in Arizona where it’s sunny and warm nearly all year long, your particular location within Arizona or the country might impact your landscaping. Consider other elements of the environment like the soil content, the amount of water nearby, and even how your property is structured. All of these things can impact your landscaping designs.

Themes And Styles

Think about the aesthetic appeal of your landscaping. Your home might be a mid-century ranch style, but that doesn’t mean your landscaping has to be flat green grass in a white picket fence. When you select a theme or style for your landscaping, it influences which plants you select, the amount of planted space versus paved spaces, and whether you include aspects like an outdoor water feature or a fire pit table.

Keep It Real

It’s easy to get lost in thoughts of transforming your backyard into a verdant green jungle, with hanging vines, tall trees, and exotic flowers and shrubs. But take a step back, and work with the resources you have at hand. What’s your budget look like? Do you have an HOA? Would they approve of your new moat? If you’re doing major renovations, do you need to consult the zoning and building codes of your city? It’s best to develop a checklist and a strategy that answers all these questions before you start digging up your lot.

Work With A Pro

One of the best things about landscaping is that nearly anyone can do it on their own. There is a myriad of DIY-type books and websites that cover the topic. But you might find it helpful to consult with a local landscaping professional. They might identify features that you didn’t, or have a breadth of knowledge about detailed aspects like soil content that you can’t figure out through a simple Google search.

Elemental Fountains

Of course, whenever you’re designing or redesigning your landscape, we’ll always encourage you to include one of our striking Elemental Fountains. Our unique patented technology allows for the harmonious fusion of fire and water in one compelling and captivating fountain piece. They look great as a stand-alone piece or as an addition to your backyard pool. If you have questions about our product, and how it can add that certain something to your landscaping, give Elemental Fountains a call today!