There are a lot of healthy and unhealthy ways to find therapy in your life. Some rely on substances, others on shopping therapy, and some even take time out of their busy schedules to retreat to environments that exude peace and calm. We would all like to be able to get away and lay on a beach somewhere or to sit on the porch of a cabin and listen to the babble of a nearby stream. However, the reality is that, most of us are stuck here in Phoenix in our everyday lives’ routine without the option to retreat due to our schedule’s and financial restrictions. However, you can still enjoy the sounds of water and here’s how.

Install an Outdoor Water Feature

Yes, sitting on your back porch isn’t the same as relaxing in a forest or by the ocean, but with the help of a water feature, you can enjoy the healthy, therapeutic benefits of water. By installing a water feature in your backyard you are bringing the relaxing qualities of far away retreats to your own space and creating an oasis that you can take full advantage of whenever you like — maybe even everyday! You may agree that the sound of water is relaxing. However, you might not know why. Today, on the Elemental Fountain blog, we are going to tell you why water and, specifically a water feature can be beneficial, if not essential for your health.

4 Health Benefits of an Outdoor Water Features

Lighten the Spirit

Humans have always gravitated towards beauty and for good reason. Beauty can actually put you at ease. Remember those moments when you have taken the time to gaze at a breathtaking landscape — do you remember what you felt? You may have felt a peace like all is right in the world and you may have even felt invigorated.

Refresh Your Mood

A water feature can refresh the mood as well. Water has an intrinsic way of refreshing our mood through replenishing the air with negative ions — negative ions that often are depleted by air conditioners and other environmental factors. Negative ions are linked to increasing serotonin levels and as a result, decreasing depression.

Sound Therapy

It’s easy to get caught up in our thoughts, emotions, and plans. However, a water feature can calm the mind allowing us space to work through our thoughts and even just make us feel happier. People are affected by soundwaves and the sound of water inspires calm feelings that can help us breath and fill the body with the oxygen it desperately needs. As we mentioned above, a water feature can transport us away from the stressors of life.

Lower Blood Pressure

Stress is unfortunately a big part of our lives and tends to wreak havoc on our body, increasing our blood pressure, muscle tension, and decreasing deep healthy breathing. Sitting by a water feature simply relaxing or reading a book can calm the body, releasing tension, and increasing our oxygen intake.  

What we surround ourselves with has a huge impact on our psychological and physical health. A water feature can be a source of calm and relaxation when we don’t have time to travel outside Phoenix to our favorite getaway. To install your water feature in your Phoenix home, contact Elemental Fountain.