Hello! Welcome back to the Elemental Fountain blog! On our blog, we have been discussing ways to upgrade your patio. In our last several blogs, we have been talking about how a fire pit table or an outdoor water feature could add enjoyment and beauty to your patio area. There are so many ways to make your backyard and patio a restful oasis during the cooler Phoenix evenings or a place to celebrate with friends and family. Adding lighting is another way to add ambiance to your home’s outdoor spaces. Before deciding what kind of lighting you would like, today we are going to talk about all the options you have.      


Up-lighting is a great way to show off your favorite tree. This type of lighting can show off a tree’s main structure and is usually placed at the base of the tree. Any tree can be uplighted, but those that are pruned to perfection are some of the best to show off.


Moonlighting does just what the name implies: acts as descending light from a full moon. To get this effect, lights are placed in the branches of a tree. The leaves and branches of the tree cast beautiful natural shadows on your patio and outdoor pathways.


Silhouetting can be used to backlight trees against a plain background, or even to backlight your home. Trees and other landscaping elements that have distinct shapes are the best elements to silhouette. Spread lights are installed strategically to create this effect.  


Shadowing can be a great way to make trees and other larger landscaping elements look larger than life, and can provide an interesting interplay between light and darkness. Playing with light and darkness in your outdoor place can contribute to the overall mood of that space, and make it enjoyable place even when it’s dark.



Grazing can show off the stonework and other textures of a wall, pilasters or a building’s beams. To achieve this effect, lights are placed below the object you are highlighting. Combining grazing and silhouetting can create a beautiful and dynamic effect.  


Pathlighting is a familiar and traditional means of adding lighting to your patio and backyard area, and is still a great way to add a beautiful whimsical element to your patio area. Lights can be stuck in the ground or on posts and come in all shapes and sizes to match your desired aesthetic.  


Cross-lighting can create larger than life shadows and highlight the main attraction of your garden. You must cross-light the area just right, otherwise it can wash out your space or fall short of creating the desired effect.


Spotlighting does exactly what the name implies. It focuses attention on fixtures such as a flag or statue, fountain, or another element. If you have a favorite element in your yard, why not show it off with a spotlight!

Spotlighting is definitely a lighting technique that you want to employ if you install one of Elemental Fountain’s outdoor water features. We can create a beautiful water feature for your patio, pool, or anywhere in your outdoor space using beautiful lights and even fire elements. Learn more about the possibilities for your Phoenix home on our website!