Getting the most out of your backyard and patio is a must even during the hottest months here in Phoenix. If you haven’t figured out how to create an oasis in your own backyard, it can be difficult to think of all the options that you have. Your backyard and patio can truly be a customized place of relaxation and a place to gather with those you love. To make it a place that you can’t wait to use and an escape from the heat, you have to understand the full extent of your options.

Outdoor Water Feature

One of the first things that you can install in your backyard to set the mood and to quiet the anxiety that tends to follow us and our family members around is an outdoor water feature. Water has a natural calming effect and can add a visual element to your backyard unlike anything else. An outdoor water feature can include a pond, but can be so much more than that. We at Elemental Fountain can install fountains of varying sizes and types that can even include fire elements! The possibilities are endless.

Fire Pit Table

Love sitting around the patio on a  chilly evening or simply desire some extra ambiance? A fire pit table in your Phoenix backyard could be just the trick. Not only does it provide heat when it’s chilly out, but it is also beautiful and mesmerizing to watch while enjoying some down time. Not a fan of the heat? We can also create beautiful fire elements that will truly make your backyard oasis a one-of-a-kind.


A pool is a tried and true way to add something a little extra to your home. It can be the perfect place to cool off and your grandchildren will love to come over to play at grandma and grandpa’s house. A pool provides the perfect gathering place for family and friends. Already have a pool? We at Elemental Fountain can create stunning pool fountains that make your pool unique.  


Phoenix is hot and the summer heat can be quite oppressive depending on your preferences. Regardless, no one should sit out in the sun for extended periods of time. This, however, doesn’t mean we have to go inside. A pergola can add shade and a decorative element to your patio. Not only do you have options, but a pergola can be a fixture on which you can hang decorative lights, curtains, windchimes, and other decor.


The last and final touch is to add furniture or to upgrade the set you have. Instead of opting for overdone outdoor plastic chairs, install outdoor couches and lounges. Get rid of your regular table for a fire pit table that can become the centerpiece of your favorite summer time conversations and times spent with those who matter the most.

To learn more about the possibilities for your patio and yard in Phoenix, visit Elemental Fountains website! We can provide you with options and can make your vision a reality with quality workmanship and innovative engineering. Visit our website to view the outdoor water features and fire pit tables that we have installed in Phoenix and contact us!

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