Have you had the same patio design since you’ve moved in? Did you recently upgrade your yard, but feel that it still needs something? We at Elemental Fountain believe that your Phoenix patio should be a sanctuary, a versatile party space, or both. You have the options to make it whatever you want it to be. Here are a few ways to upgrade your patio.

Out With the Concrete

Concret was so . . . well, it’s what everyone has. Why not change out your concrete for something unique and more aesthetically pleasing. Multi-colored pavers can be a way to change up your look and is actually less expensive to repair than a concrete slab. If pavers aren’t quite your style, you could opt for clay bricks for a timeless, classic look or natural stone which can add a natural hardscaped look to any space. Wood is a less expensive alternative that provides a multitude of design options as well!

Light It Up

One way to add that little extra visual interest and safety to your backyard or patio is with lights. You can install lights on your patio or deck steps or find a decorative light fixture to place in your garden. If you are looking for something simple and less expensive, try a few strings of paper lantern-style or bulb patio lights and string them along the edge of your deck or above in your pergola.

Fire Pit Table

A fire pit can be a beautiful addition to any patio or backyard, but a fire pit table is the “in” visually interesting and practical patio feature. A fire pit table can be a space-saving alternative to a traditional fire pit and can eradicate the need to buy more patio furniture. Also, if you like to throw outdoor dinner parties or simply love having family dinner outside, a fire pit table can be a great way to add a decorative element to your table and keep your guests warm when temperatures start to drop.

Water Feature

An outdoor water feature can not only add something visually interesting to your backyard, but also it can create a relaxing environment. A water feature can be created from anything such as a single rock, a column of rocks, and can even be a part of your pool. Water features are not only easy to maintain, but they are a safe alternative for those with small children from traditional Koi ponds.

Ready For a Change?

Are you ready for a change? Or interested in what a fire pit table or water fixture could do for patio? Contact Elemental Fountain! We design and install fire and water features for clients in the Phoenix area. We can even make a feature that combines both fire and water features. We would love to help you have a relaxing and beautiful patio space. Visit our website to learn more about our services and contact us for a free quote! Why not invest in the value of your home and our own enjoyment of your patio?

Enjoy our blog? Stay tuned for more posts about upgrading your patio, water feature care, and the latest trends!