1. Designing Your Landscaping

    Landscaping is a fabulous way to add beautiful new complexities to your home. Adding lush new vegetation, fascinating stones and rocks, and outdoor water features can draw you to your yard and serves as a wonderful place to host gatherings with friends and family. If you’re considering having your…Read More

  2. The Trevi Fountain: Rome’s Most Famous Water Feature

    If you love stunning ancient architecture, then Rome is like a playground. You simply cannot visit Rome without paying tribute to the Trevi Fountain in the Quirinale district of Rome. Built in Fourth century Rome, this stunning fountain features a display of the gods frolicking in the water. Let’s…Read More

  3. Famous Water Features: Savannah’s Forsyth Park Fountain

    Sometimes, we enjoy venturing out of our desert landscape in Phoenix and enjoying an entirely different atmosphere. Our country features a variety of different landscapes and climates, and one of the most beautiful little towns we’ve visited is Savannah, Georgia. This charming Southern town was so…Read More

  4. Eight of the Most Famous Water Features in the World

    If you are looking to transform a rather ordinary landscape into breathtaking scenery, a fountain could be the perfect solution. Throughout time, people have stopped to admire the beautiful fountains in their town squares or in front of royal palaces. Today, you can discover fountains in the most un…Read More

  5. 4 Ways to Upgrade Your Patio

    Have you had the same patio design since you’ve moved in? Did you recently upgrade your yard, but feel that it still needs something? We at Elemental Fountain believe that your Phoenix patio should be a sanctuary, a versatile party space, or both. You have the options to make it whatever you want …Read More

  6. 5 Things to Do Outside This Fall

    Fall is here to stay with winter right around the corner. Though we will be experiencing more moderate temperatures here in Phoenix in comparison to the rest of the country, the falling temperatures make spending time outside less desirable. Gone are summer days by the pool and summer evening barbeq…Read More

  7. 6 Reasons to Install a Fire Pit Table

    In the previous months in Phoenix, we have been enjoying the outdoors through pool parties and barbeques, however, with temperatures dropping, throwing a pool party or spending a relaxing night with your significant other outside becomes a bit more difficult. A fire pit table can be a game changer f…Read More