Sean Andersen – Designer, Owner, Patent Holder

Sean is an innovative designer, skilled craftsman and successful entrepreneur.  He has combined his passion for nature and water/fire features by creating a patented fountain technology that harmoniously fuses fire, water and light.

“I am simultaneously passionate about nature and new technology – and I love to incorporate the two together.  After spending years building the typical three tier Cantera stone water features and boulder waterfalls, I was bored, and frustrated with the required maintenance and warranty work needed to keep them in good working order.  I’ve created features where the fire and water were mixed together, but I wanted something innovative – a feature where they could aesthetically blend, yet be physically separate, and I wanted it in a form that would be durable and have predictable low maintenance.

During the development phase, I discovered this design configuration that creates a natural balance between gravity and water.  As the water falls, it maintains its sheet thickness so that it looks like a solid sheet of water that cascades and encapsulates the flame, yet never touches it, and never goes turbulent.

I added programmable LED lighting to create a range of ambiance possibilities, from calm and relaxing to vibrant and high-energy. The LED lighting enhances the beauty, as the color of the light shines from within the water causing it to glow, as opposed to shining a light on the water in the manner of traditional fountains.

Once I discovered this relationship, I realized that the technology could be utilized and scaled for several applications, table fountains, standing fountains, fire tables, pool & spa fountains, and large custom installations.